Nature Freedom is an exciting startup improving accessibility and social inclusion for young people with disabilities and mental health to find their passions in environment and outdoor adventures. With great ambitions, we will grow regionally and nationally to effect real change in Australian’s environment. We aim to collaborate and partner with existing organisations that bring better awareness to include young people.

Our current opportunities exist in Brisbane and South-East Queensland region:

Youth Engagement Officer
Position Title
Youth Engagement Officer (voluntary)

The Youth Engagement Officer is part of the Nature Freedom’s outreach team. Their purpose is to promote the services of the Nature Freedom’s activities, and help young people from all walks of life getting involved in particular activities. This position oversees the Youth Engagement Team running staff and volunteer teams assisting young people who have mental health and living with disabilities. They will do this by ensuring that accessible information is provided to young people, their families and the local community to increase the capacity of young people to connect with Nature Freedom’s activities they are needed. They will also help to increase community awareness of mental health and disabilities among young people, facilitate youth and community events to engage identified target populations. This Youth Engagement Officer Position is an entry level position working with experienced with considerable knowledge and experience in community engagement and youth advocacy.
Brisbane and South-East Queensland region

Key responsibilities
Community Engagement
• Assist with the development and implement of inclusion and accessibility awareness within Nature Freedom’s community networks and partners
• Design and coordinate events for target groups to increase the profile of Nature Freedom and deliver key messages
• Work closely with Nature Freedom’s team to ensure that the impact of any event is addressed at the planning stages
• Assist in maintaining websites and utilising social media to develop opportunities for youth engagement and service promotion.
• Build relationships with external partners and sponsors with raising awareness
• Represent Nature Freedom to various professional networks, the local community and young people.
Youth Participation
• Recruit, train, supervise and support young people to be involved in the Nature Freedom’s program teams and/or develop other mechanisms to engage young people with the work of environmental awareness
• Keep up to date with relevant youth sector trends, gaps and information.
• Participate in relevant training and development activities as an effective team member.
• Other duties consistent with the position where required and/or requested by management from time to time.

Responsible to: CEO; other board of directors
Length of appointment: Permanent; ongoing
Time commitment: Flexible

Qualifications and experience
This is entry level position. No relevant qualifications nor experiences required. We are highly regarded to suitability of the position who are passionate in environmental and outdoor recreation industries as well improving inclusion and accessibility for young people with disabilities and mental health getting involved in mainstream activities.

Application has closed on Monday 29th October 2018.