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We are improving employment and social opportunities for young people between 18 and 35 with disabilities and mental health background with mainstream environmental programs and outdoor adventure activities



Nature Freedom’s Bush Regen Team is an inclusive training and employment program for young people actively seeking careers in natural environments, parks, gardens and community projects…

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Nature Freedom provides a unique and flexible approach to support and skill development, using adventure and great outdoors as a focus. Nature Freedom’s adventure programs are …

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Nature Freedom’s career development program providing support maximising life skills and training experiences in regards to Bush Regeneration and Adventure Programs…

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Mission Statement

Nature Freedom is a not-for-profit social enterprise organisation aiming to inspire, connect and empower young people aged 18 years to 35 who have disabilities and/or mental health to meaningfully access, participate and lead with the environment. A core element of Nature Freedom emphasises personal and professional development through self-discovery, adventures and environmental action.





“nature freedom inspires me to get out into my community, socialise with others and join in activities I have  never done before. Making new friends  and learning from others in activities! It is important to socialise, have friendships, and to enjoy life. Nature Freedom brings me all of those things!”

Brendon Donohue

“Nature Freedom inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and engage in outdoor recreational activities including canoeing and bushwalking in a safe, inclusive and social environment. Nature Freedom plays an important role in connecting young people with disabilities to nature and the outdoor environment which has both physical and mental health benefits to the person. Nature freedom also plays an important role in breaking down accessibility barriers in nature that ultimately benefits everyone.”

Belinda Harris